“After I got here, the things I expected to be done for a city where I wanted to raise my daughters were not being done.” – Jason

The money recently spent to improve Rowan Park in his neighborhood went to landscaping and nothing to make the park more child friendly. No input was sought from neighbors about what they wanted to see done to the park.

The city needs to strategically manage growth and not allow businesses to drive development by moving into, taking over and gentrifying older, lower-income neighborhoods where African Americans and Hispanic families live just because that is where the cheapest properties are.

You don’t bring businesses in at the cost of people. I want to see Georgetown be a community where people from all walks of life want to live and are welcome. A robust, healthy diverse community is becoming a prerequisite for new businesses looking to relocate.

Managing growth demands a holistic approach to growth and development that includes adequate workforce and affordable housing, accessible transportation and a well-defined mobility plan, and strong public services.